Prompt Short Story: Cake

Angeline absently shimmied her hips in time with the music as she moved through the groups of milling invitees. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After some light introductions, various different groups had managed to get talking together, and at least two of her potential love matches were hitting it off. Feeling like her job as a hostess had been well accomplished for the moment, Angeline shimmied her way past the lavish, and mostly demolished, buffet, into the kitchen, where the final treat of the evening sat, covered by a large silver tureen.

Smiling and rubbing her hands together, Angeline removed the tureen to reveal a huge cake, shaped like a sewing mannequin – to suit the fashion design degree she was about to begin – with her face printed on the head. She got herself a knife, a dessert fork, and a plate, and cut herself a satisfyingly large slice.

It was delicious. Coconut cream and white chocolate, and a sponge as light as a feather. She cut a second slice and began to eat. 

“Dude! You cannot eat that entire thing all by yourself!” Skylar draped a hand around her shoulder, breathing alcohol and weed fumes into her face.

She shrugged him off, “Dude. I am going to eat this entire cake, all by myself.  Because I am an adult now.”

“But what about everyone at your party?”

“That’s why I bought – or had mum and dad buy – a second cake,” Angeline motioned to another large tureen, which Skylar removed to see an identical cake, “Of which I will eat all the leftovers.”

“You…are so spoiled,” Skylar laughed.

Angeline nodded through another mouthful of cake, “Yep. Now bugger off before anyone else gets ideas. I need to finish this before the other cake is wheeled out.”

Skylar shook her head and sauntered out, looking for another drink, or another hit, they didn’t really mind which.

Angeline closed the kitchen door and continued to eat her solo cake. Best 18th birthday ever.

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Writing prompt used:

The Fake Redhead’s Writing Prompts. Kathryn’s birthday prompts number two. “I am going to eat this entire cake, all by myself. Because I am an adult now.” “But what about everyone at YOUR party?” “That’s why I bought a second cake. Of which I will eat all the leftovers.”


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