Prompt Short Story: Lawkeepers

Pattinson straightened their suit jacket as they got out of their car. Sniffing the air, they sighed as the scent of blood permeated the miscellaneous smells of a quiet neighbourhood. She never waited for them. Always eager, always running in ahead.

Opening the front door of the house they had spent most of the last 3 days watching, they stared at the bodies on the ground, at the girl covered in blood.

Her eyes narrowed as she stood up, “You’re late.”

“You’re overeager.”

She snorted, licking blood from her fingers, tongue darting quickly between her extended fangs.

“Took a minute longer than expected to persuade the Council of our findings. Fortunately for you, they agreed to the execution order.”

“Of course they die, these ghouls were killing people for their parts. They knew the laws, they broke them, they paid. Drink up while it’s still warm, then you can take me somewhere nice before you do the boring paperwork.”

Patterson rolled their eyes, but picked up one of the bodies with one hand, holding it against the wall as they bit into the dead ghoul’s shoulder. Not exactly the tastiest meal, but it was enough to keep them going, and one of the benefits of being a Lawkeeper.

“Alright,” they said, wiping the blood from their mouth. “I’ll call in the cleanup on the way. Where do you want to go?”

Shia grinned, “Tenders, obviously. You can get us in, right?”

Patterson sighed inwardly. They hated clubs, but, a night of dancing might calm Shia enough for a serious talk at sundown tomorrow. Patterson knew she had run out of chances. Another incident, and they would be forced to hand her to the Council for their more invasive techniques. 

So, they nodded, “Always. Let’s go.”

Patterson led Shia out to the car and checked his face in the rearview mirror, ensuring no traces of blood remained. Satisfied, they slid the car into gear and out onto the road, heading for the exclusive lounge bar.

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Writing prompt used:

He stared at the bodies on the ground, at the girl coverer in blood. Her eyes narrowed as she stood up. “You’re late.”


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