Prompt Short Story: The Boss (Lawkeepers 4)

Kyra folded her arms and sat back in her chair, “You want to do what, now?!”

Patterson looked over at Shia, who shrugged, and back at their boss, “I want to set a trap for Justinia.”

“Using yourself as bait.”

Patterson nodded.

“And me as a lure.”

Patterson nodded again. 

Kyra reached up to run her hands through her hair, then remembered she’d had it cut short last week in a moment of…self doubt? Madness? Need for change? Something. She already missed the hair that reached down to her tailbone. It would take years to grow back. She sighed. She knew why she’d done it, and it was too late now.

Patterson was patiently awaiting her attention. Their reaction to her haircut had been extreme, but then, they understood, at least a little. They’d known each other a long time, as friends, then lovers, then friends again. She had moved up the ranks while Patterson had chosen to remain in the field, determined to capture Justinia. She understood, but sometimes that meant saving them from themselves.

“First of all, you’re not bait. Second of all, I’m not using my song to try and lure her anywhere when we don’t even know if it will affect her. Patterson. You’ll get her. Be patient.”

“I’ve been patient! Decades of patient! She’s starting to get old now, she has to be, even magic can only keep her young for so long. That means she’s weakening. And we all know she’ll come, if we can convince her I want to see her alone. She won’t be able to resist!”

“Patterson…” Shia reached out a hand to calm them.

“No! Sorry Shia, Kyra, but no! I know you’re a big hero and all that, Kyra, but not everything can be honorable and good. Sometimes you have to use the grey area.”

“I’ll let that tone go, Patterson, because I know how much this means to you, how much it hurts. But…after everything we’ve been through together, you think that’s my problem? That it’s dishonest? Dishonorable to use my song on her? Patterson…” Kyra shook her head, “There’s a reason I don’t talk about all of that. The wars. The island where my sisters and I lured so many. The myths make it sound so clean. It wasn’t. And the rest…sure, the history books call me – whatever identity I’d faked – things like ‘brave’ and ‘hero’. But those history books are wrong. I used my song to kill. To lure people to their death. I know the sound and smell of a killzone better than you will ever understand. I won’t use it again. I told you that, a long time ago. I put my song away. Find another plan. No bait. No siren song. Then come back to me.”

Patterson knew better than to argue further. If they wanted their next plan to be approved, they needed Kyra still on their team. Their long friendship would only allow them to push her so far, when she was in boss mode.

They stood, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up things that hurt you. You know I’m always there to listen, or get drunk, if you need it.”

Kyra gave them a pale smile and nodded. 

Shia and Patterson left, the door whispering to a close behind them.

“So what now?” Shia asked. 

“We catch bad guys until we figure out how to catch Justinia. Then, we come back with the new plan.”

“Alright. In that case, I’ve got a lead on that pack of shapeshifters.”

“The hyenas?”

Shia nodded.

“Excellent,” Patterson smiled, “Let’s go get them.”

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Writing prompt used:

The history books call me things like “brave” and “hero.” The history books are wrong (from Goodreads, Scifi & Fantasy week prompt)


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