Prompt Short Story: What’s In A Name?

“Wait. What?” David stood and pointed the – surprisingly heavy – pen at Jonathan’s chest.

Jonathan shrugged, “I did tell you. Look, you know I changed my first name because, well, it was…” Jonathan sighed, “Dreamwave. Because they named me after some ‘vision’ they had when they were tripping. Like. Thanks for all the bullying, parents. But I didn’t want to dishonor them completely, so I kept the middle name.”

“Which was ‘Danger’.”

“Right. And I did tell you that.”

The registrar shifted in their chair, sipping a coffee while they waited for this to play out. They’d seen worse arguments while signing the marriage documents, but this might do a good job of  being the weirdest.

“How was I supposed to know you were telling the truth when you said that Danger was your middle name? It sounded like a bad attempt at a Bond pickup line and I thought it was super cute. We had sex for the first time that night, if you recall! In part because of how damned cute I thought that was!”

“Ah. Well of course I recall. But now you see that was just me warning you… Oh love I’m sorry. I guess it never really came up again, so I figured you were ok with it.”

“I assumed you didn’t have one I suppose…which is a little on me.”

Jonathan sighed, “The question that’s immediately relevant is, does this change things? If this info is too much, I’ll walk away with you and we can do this all again when you’re ready.”

David laughed, spun around, and signed with a flourish, “Hah! Not a chance hubby! Just know you’re never living this down. I will be finding ways to tease you til the end of time.”

Jonathan nodded and took the pen, slipping an arm around David’s waist to kiss him on the cheek, as he finished signing, “I would expect nothing less. Maybe we should get you a daft, movie cliche middle name to match!”

“Oooh…I could be Trouble!”

Jonathan laughed, “Yep. Yep, you could.”

The registrar almost successfully snuffed out their grin as the couple signed the papers, wondering how many drinks they could get out of this story.

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Writing Prompt #4: Danger is my middle name. “How was I supposed to know you were telling the truth when you said that Danger was your middle name? ”


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